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Granger Financial is dedicated to providing insurance and risk management services to entrepreneurs, athletes and other high net worth clients to protect their personal assets. It is important that we help you protect your sophisticated lifestyle and assets ensuring your personal and business lines have adequate coverage!

Our team of professional’s partner with business/ financial advisors as well as sports agents to ensure you have the best coverage in place for your business, family and overall quality of life. Creating a highly customizable plan tailored to your specific needs is our priority. 

Whether we are covering your favorite art collection or securing appropriate umbrella limits that would help offset potential damage from domestic employees or unforeseen accidents; we are here for you.

Services for:


Our Team will help transform your accounts payable with a simple complete solution that runs the length of your process.  From scanning and capturing invoices electronically to automating manual tasks with configurable workflows we will help secure documents for your immediate access; integrating seamlessly into your existing financial system or ERP setup so your current investments work even harder.

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