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Annuities are guaranteed paychecks for life. Social Security and pensions are both examples of lifetime income annuities. Lifetime income annuities have higher payout rates based on age because of mortality credits (longevity credits) and are structured to satisfy the needs of aging clients. You actually get paid more for living longer. Once retired, there is no more 9-5, and every day becomes a new day to explore and more opportunity to have fun. Our team can help you invest in your future. We will sit with you and help you examine what your basic living expenses are and determine a budget for a “lifetime check” to cover the fun times to come.

Annuities are a type of financial product designed to grow and annuitize providing you with a stream of income based on tax deferred contributions. Our team will sit down with you and review the different types of annuities and formulate a coverage plan that’s right for you. Annuities help retirees overcome two big obstacles often faced: 

Taking out too much money and running out of money; or taking out too little and forfeiting the retirement & life experiences they were hoping for. At Granger Financial, we specialize in retirement planning and establishing a sound plan for your future. Let us help you turn your paychecks into play checks.

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