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Life Insurance can provide financial security for your family and their needs in your absence. Life insurance affords your family a tax-free death benefit to help offset expenses, help with retirement, estate planning and business continuation. From maintaining the life they’ve lived to covering short term debt and leaving a legacy for college and more; life insurance is there to help your family get back to life. At Granger Financial our team will sit with you to determine the best coverage plan to put in place for you and your loved ones.

We will educate you on the different types of insurance and help you decide if a more affordable term plan is right for you or a permanent plan that builds cash value to help cover your family’s needs.  Our team of experts will discuss the complexities of life insurance and help you match coverage options with your family goals if you should die. 

Term life insurance is a type of coverage that is in force for a specific period and duration.  In the event of your death during the specified time of the term, the policy face value will be paid out to your beneficiary as a death benefit. 

Permanent life insurance is a policy that is in force for your entire lifetime and pays out a death benefit regardless of when you die.  Permanent insurance differs from term because it builds a cash value and other living benefits that our team will gladly sit and review with you as you determine what coverage works best for your family.

Life Insurance can be tailored to your specific needs and can be complex and difficult to understand.  Let our family help you protect yours and call for a quote today.

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